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Factor Analysis And Credit Risk Evaluation For The Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Based On Supply Chain Finance

Posted on:2016-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330485952198Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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At the present stage, SMEs play a significant role in promoting rapid and sound development of the national economy, which is an important part of China’s socialism market economy. However, SMEs do not pay and reward on the other, difficulties in financing their development is the biggest bottleneck. While national policies have tended to force to support SME development, providing an opportunity for development, but the actual implementation of the policy is still difficult. Commercial banks take into account security and will not give credit for SMEs, which leads to the implementation of the national policy than reality. When SME development is seriously hampered, Ping An Bank spearheaded our supply chain financing. Not only to ease financing difficulties of SMEs, and gave themselves a profit growth. Although the conduct of supply chain finance business success-a win-win, but there are few commercial banks nationwide supply chain finance business. The reason is that under the SCF environment for SME credit risk banks failed to effectively measure, "cautious loan" in her heart, making the financing of SMEs do not have the effect of improving the poor. This article evaluates the credit risk of SMEs from the perspective of supply chain. Not only to commercial banks to carry out supply chain financing risk evaluation to provide effective and feasible method, but also solve the problem of financing SMEs fundamentally.Scholars for corporate credit risk assessment methods are mainly traditional methods and modern analytical methods, credit score. Traditional methods rely on expert analysis of subjectivity and an not be objective and impartial evaluation of credit risk. Modern scoring method is suitable for large-scale enterprise financial transparency and is not suitable for SMEs.Compared with the first two methods, credit scoring method combined qualitative and quantitative analysis to objectively evaluate the credit risk. Therefore, we selected the credit score of the artificial neural network approach to evaluate supply chain financing SME credit risk.This paper analyzes the influence of the factors SCF SME credit risk, and with the traditional financing methods are compared and found some additional factors affect SME credit risk significantly. Comprehensive analysis of the factors on the basis of credit risk assessment model to build the supply chain financing for SMEs based on BP neural network. Use the collected data to do a simulation experiments and test their effectiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain finance, credit risk, indicator system, BP neural network
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