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Research Of Rural Ownership In China Under The Marxist Ownership Theory

Posted on:2017-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330488455698Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Since the reform and opening up three decades, the rapid development of China’s economy, expanding the scale, the total, China has entered a new era, a new phase of modernization, so China’s basic economic conditions, has also been changed from agricultural country to industrial nations, and has made comprehensive progress in many aspects of politics and culture, society, people’s living conditions have also been significantly improved. However, with the further development of socialist market economic system, the existing rural land property rights system incompatible with social issues and has become increasingly prominent. This not only restricts the government policies on rural issues to resolve, but also restricting the rapid, sustained and healthy development of China’s society and economy. Therefore, a good grasp of the direction and path to rural development, deepen reform of rural land property rights system has become the primary problem. Party Congress made it clear that to solve rural issues, we must balance urban and rural social development of regional economy. Third Plenary Session of the Party’s proposed "to stabilize and improve the rural basic management systems." The party’s eighth Fifth Plenary Session stressed that "accelerate the transformation of agricultural development, the development of various forms of moderate scale operation, to play its leading role in the construction of modern agriculture."As we all know, the rural land system as one of the basic system has an extremely important role. In the new town development in the process of intensive use of land has become an inevitable requirement of rural development. Due to the existing land policy is not perfect, harm the interests of farmers in rural economic development phenomena occur frequently, affecting social harmony and stability.Since the Marxist theory of ownership contains a wealth of content, still it has theoretical and practical significance in the contemporary. In this paper, the Marxist Ownership Theory perspective by reviewing the history of rural land system, analyzes the current rural land property rights system existing problems, combined with Marxist Ownership Theory to the Reform of rural land property rights system innovation and development.First, this paper describes China’s industrialization and urbanization process of rapid development in the context of the urgent need to deepen the reform proposedrural land property rights system.Secondly, Marxism ownership theory, systematic an analysis of the current status of rural land system and outstanding issues, including: the problem of rural collective land property rights system, the rural contracted land management transfer is not sufficient and the system is not perfect question rural collective construction land subject blur, lack of supervision and control of the rural homestead property and rural land system is not complete compensation for land acquisition and distribution of a single irrational problems.Finally, the Marxist theory of ownership as a research perspective, dialectical view due to economic development and practice of deep rural land property right system problems, combined with observations and Countermeasures many experts and scholars on the reform of rural land property rights system proposed, the corresponding reform path, and the improvement and development of Marxist theory of ownership.
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