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Research On Problem And Countermeasure Of The Management In Accounting Archives Of Enterprise

Posted on:2017-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J AoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330488964165Subject:Library and Information Science
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Along with social progress and economic development, archival science discipline also continues to develop its theoretical research is constantly deepened. Archives formed according to the field of archives in conjunction with the nature of the content of this standard file, the file is divided into ordinary and specialized archives archivescategories. Accounting records are an important part of the special archives, accounting records as a special file widespread attention. Accounting archives are party and government organs, institutions, enterprises and other social organizations in their daily work in financial form, recording unit and reflect the economic activities of important historical documents.This paper is divided into four parts, the first part of the preface, it introduces the basic framework of this innovation and research background and significance, research methods, literature review, thesis writing. The second part, from the meaning of the corporate accounting records, characteristics and management of its start on. The third part, the author based on actual research, by comparing the collected research material, summarizes the corporate accounting records in the management process, utilization and management of their own problems. The last part, from improving corporate accounting records management problems in the process, make full use of corporate resources and accounting records to improve the quality of corporate accounting records management staff in these three areas proposed effective optimization measures.In this paper, through the accounting records management companies conduct in-depth and thorough study. We hope business accounting archives management theory and management practice to have something new to try and break through, and the real work is worth learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:enterprise, accounting archives, problem, Countermeasure
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