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Study On Decision Model Of Asset In The Whole Life Cycle In Oil Enterprises

Posted on:2015-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the fast increasing of demanding of petroleum in China, there is a serious shortage of supply in home. In order to reduce the degree of dependence on foreign oil, oil enterprises in China are trying to increase oil production. Most oil enterprises are in the mid-late production, they have to input high tech equipment or asset to sustain the production. Thus asset scale of oil enterprise is bigger and bigger. There is a need to study decision model of asset in the whole life cycle in oil enterprise.This paper introduces whole life cycle theory and decision making theory,. We get enlightens after taking an example of asset whole life cycle management home and abroad. Then it analysis exiting problems in decision making on assets and puts forward the importance of the decision model of asset in the whole life cycle in oil enterprise. It intends to reach the best decision during the whole life cycle of asset. It discuss decision making in formation period, use period and exiting stage, each periods have decision content, decision basis and decision method. After that there is an example applying the decision mode with the asset in oil enterprise, and several suggestions for the decision mode to make it better. At last is the conclusion for the paper. Study on decision mode of asset in the whole life cycle leads to better decision, lower cost and larger value about asset in the whole life,Study about decision model of asset in the whole life cycle. Then there is simulation applications incorporation with oil enterprise. At last it is the supporting measures and conclusions. It provides a way to reduce the cost of tons of oil and improve the economic benefit. It has important significance for the long-term development of the oilfield enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Oilfield Enterprise, Asset Whole Life Cycle, Decision Mod
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