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The Research On Customer Satisfactionaceseement System Based On ACSI Model

Posted on:2017-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330509951501Subject:Business management
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In the recent years, micro enterprises have gained lots of favorable policies from the government which implied big bait for them. As the consumer demands grow, bookkeeping agencies shot up which inevitably led to a war of competition in the industry. In 2015, Li Yanhui pointed out, at present, bookkeeping agency industry annual business revenue will exceed 100 billion yuan, the number of bookkeeping agency from will be more than 3million. Obviously, the era of “self-centeredness” has gone, only new marketing idea, service functions can help them win in the fierce competition. That examining, evaluating the quality of service from the customer’s perspective and being focused on customer satisfaction has become the trend and is urgently needed. As a result, the bookkeeping industry needs a reference to help them evaluate and measure customers’ perception, which also is the main mission of the paper.This paper summarized the literature about customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction evaluation model, evaluation system and bookkeeping agency service marketing theory, summed up the characteristics of bookkeeping agency service in China and measurement program of service customer satisfaction. On this basis, I designed the structure that adapted to bookkeeping agencies and research assumptions to be verified based on ACSI model, then I established the customer satisfaction evaluation index system. The questionnaires for customer satisfaction were based on the forth index of the system. Then, I analyzed the collected data using SPSS19.0 and AMOS17.0, according to the principle of SEM structural equation to explore the relationship between the latent variables in the model and validate the proposed hypothesis; then through the analysis of the premise variables in the model, I tried to get the factors that influenced the customer satisfaction and the impact. Here is the conclusion:(1)Acting book-keeping services at all stages of satisfaction positively related to the perceived value, customer satisfaction; And the former’s influence on customer satisfaction is the largest, path coefficient was 0.648, perceived value and customer satisfaction are positively related; Customer satisfaction is negatively related to the customer complaints; Positively related to the degree of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty; Customer complaints negatively correlated to customer loyalty. the bookkeeping agency enterprise customer satisfaction index model put forword in this paper is verified.(2)In the premise of customer satisfaction index model variables found in the analysis, "accounting personnel’s professional skills", "accounting personnel service attitude" and "provide the accuracy of accounting data" were the biggest impact on customer satisfaction degree, the path coefficient were 0.649, 0.542, 0.784, especially "the accuracy of accounting data" become the essential factors that affect customer satisfaction, and "provide timeliness of accounting information" and "the privacy of customer information" has no effect on customer satisfaction.Finally,I summarized the customer satisfaction evaluation system of bookkeeping agency enterprises and the evaluation method, and put forward weakness in research and the future research direction, which aims to rich the customer satisfaction theory in the field of specific services and provide more useful guidance for practical work as well.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bookkeeping agency service, Customer satisfaction, ACSI model, Customer satisfaction evaluation index system
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