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Research On China’s Enterprise Annuity Investment Management

Posted on:2017-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At the same time began to establish and improve the basic old-age insurance, annuity and personal savings of the pension insurance combines multi-level old-age insurance system in China, as the second step of the pension system, the enterprise annuity bear the social stability and beneficiaries of old age an important guarantee for the task, in terms of financial security by the government to return the community to supervise persons simultaneously. However, the funds in the money market, the strengthening of monetary application efficiency, to avoid the risk of funds, this approach is the enterprise annuity must be considered. This article focused on enterprise annuity in the investment and management of some of the issues, the first necessity of the enterprise annuity fund, to summarize the significance of enterprise annuity investment management. Through the enterprise annuity fund investment management process analysis, the focus of this discussion the characteristics of investment managers and policy recommendations of the selection mode, micro and macro investment management and investment management of enterprise annuity.In the framework of the respective enterprise annuity system, combined with international experience, the pros and cons of the various financial institutions as investment managers were analyzed, and measures to be taken by financial institutions to address the development of enterprise annuity investment management proposed higher demands.In the micro-management part of the investment, the study of micro-management by investment mandate, in-depth discussion of the distribution of pension assets investment. On experience and direction of international standards, through the study of the distribution of pension assets of laws and regulations, so as to find out their views and explore more in line with the means at our country to be taken; on the one hand, from Ping An Annuity Insurance Company in evaluating investment when used means of income begin to work out the way to go in our country, when used to determine the effectiveness of the investment made; on the other hand, careful study of other countries in the direction of the pension investment in the development of.In the macro-management section focuses on government departments to fund investment management in regulatory issues. In this area, because of the risk of investment management for a detailed discussion, so finding the necessity of enterprise annuity investment regulation; we study state laws and regulations on investment management, with reference to foreign laws and regulations, whichever is the essence according to the basic national conditions of our country, summed up a suitable direction of our national development. Also, in order for the annuitant can get a stable income, China’s relevant departments should be advised to learn foreign measures to establish an authoritative regulatory body. Finally, our enterprise annuity fund investment management put forward some policy recommendations.
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