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Analysis On The Essence Of China’s Small And Medium Enterprises Policy

Posted on:2017-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330509956669Subject:International Trade
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As an important economic carrier,Small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in economic growth,employment,technological innovation and so on. The healthy and steady development of small and medium enterprises is related to the lifeline of a country,the position of which is improving. After the reform and opening up, in order to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises,China has formulated a series of policies of small and medium-sized enterprises,but there is the phenomenon that our country’s policy departure from the essence of the policy.The essence of the policy is that the government should not only deal with the relationship between large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, but also deal with the relationship between small and medium enterprises,to let every small and medium-sized enterprises enjoy a fair policy treatment, promote the healthy and stable development of the small and medium-sized enterprises and our country’s economy,which is under the premise of following the laws of the market.This is in consistent with China’s market economic system reform,and China’s industrial policy,and the important status of China’s enterprises.In reality,due to the ownership concept of our country,there is an unfair phenomenon between state-owned and non state-owned small and medium-sized enterprises; because the local government’s blind GDP growth outlook, foreign companies enjoy more preferential policies; the diversification of our different industries and different departments have different policies for small and medium sized enterprises;Due to the diversification of the policy subjects,the policies of SMEs in different industries and sectors in China are also different;Due to the deviation of policy design,policy resources are limited and inclusive policy became preferential policy; The definition of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country is not reasonable, small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, the subsidiary and holding companies are not clearly defined; In addition,China’s policy is not reasonable,its industrial policy and corporate policy fails to follow the laws of the market. In short, the policy of China’s small and medium enterprises is not systematicenough.In the process of dealing with the relationship between the small and medium enterprises,there has been a violation of the substance of the policy,resulting in a lot of negative effects and hindering the development of SMEs.Our country must adjust the small and medium-sized enterprise.China should change the traditional concept of ownership and strengthen policy efforts to promote the healthy and stable development of China’s small and medium enterprises and industrial upgrading.
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