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Experimental Study On Multi-parameter Distributed Sensing Fiber And Its Application In Oil Pipeline Monitoring

Posted on:2018-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2321330542465944Subject:Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
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Pipeline oil transmission capacity,low energy consumption,more than 80% of domestic industrial oil are transported and distributed through the way.However,due to pipeline corrosion,cracking,third-party damage and other factors caused by the pipeline accident rate increased year by year,the accident has brought significant economic losses,environmental pollution and social impact.Therefore,to strengthen the operation of oil pipeline monitoring for the timely prevention and control of pipeline accidents is of great significance.With the advancement of science and technology and the limitation of engineering application,the efficient detection of pipeline has put forward higher requirements for the timeliness,continuity and multi-parameter detection performance of the whole detection system.Among them,the excellent material properties of the fiber itself and the diversified design of the engineering cable structure are the practical basis for the continuous and distributed monitoring of the distributed fiber for the operation of the pipeline.The mechanism of sensing the optical signal in the optical fiber,the composition of the system,and the corresponding multi-parameter signal processing system are the theoretical support of the distributed optical fiber to realize the monitoring of multiple operating parameters of the single pipeline.However,due to oil pipelines perennial in the environment of soil,water and other media extrusion,and from time to time by the seasonal changes in the impact of surface temperature and different degrees of crustal movement of repeated stress.Pipeline failure in a variety of forms,abnormal conditions are complex,which requires the relevant parameters of the optical fiber even in complex environments to be able to maintain the stability of the sensor characteristics,accuracy and a certain degree of material resistance.Therefore,before the detection of fiber production,through the experimental simulation of the main body in the oil temperature and stress changes in the field of detection accuracy has important practical reference.In addition,the analysis of stress failure of oil pipeline and the research of soil temperature change during the leakage of buried hot oil pipeline can provide a reliable theoretical basis for the rational deployment of optical fiber.Finally,aiming at the application of distributed optical fiber on the seabed in the seabed,a corresponding installation plan is put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Pipeline, Monitoring, Distributed fiber, Multi-parameter, Application
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