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Preparation Of Functional Metal-Organic Framework Materials And Their Application In Synthesis Of Heterocylic Compounds

Posted on:2019-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2321330542990331Subject:Organic Chemistry
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From the perspective of green and economic chemistry,the design of efficient and recoverable heterogeneous catalysts has become of paramount important topics of research in synthetic organic chemistry,material science and engineering.Metal-organic frameworks?MOFs?as a class of porous materials from metal ions or metallic clusters and multidirectional organic linkers have summoned substantial amount of attention in the past decade with promising performance in gas adsorption and separations,chemical sensors,thin film devices,drug carriers,and biomedical imaging owing to their incredibly large specific surface area,tunable pore distribution,abundant aromatic ligands,high acid-base catalytic activities and ease of functionalization.Some MOFs based on various metals have also emerged as effective heterogeneous catalysts for several organic reactions.It is of great significance to study it as a catalyst to catalyze various kinds of organic synthesis reactions.Because of the important application of metal-organic frameworks,three MOF-modifiedcatalystswereprepared,suchasNiFe2O4@MOF-5,?-Fe2O3@Si O2@IRMOF-3,POM@MOF-5.and the catalysts were characterized by AAS,EDS,FT-IR,XRD,SEM,TEM,TGA,BET and VSM.The catalytic activities of the catalysts in the synthesis of 2-substituted alkyl and aryl?indolyl?kojic acid derivatives,cyclohexenone derivatives and dihydropyrrolone derivatives were investigated.A novel magnetic metal-organic framework NiFe2O4@MOF-5 was prepared.This magnetically separable catalyst exhibited high catalytic activity for synthesis of a variety of 2-substituted alkyl and aryl?indolyl?kojic acid derivatives via three-component reaction of aldehyde,indole and kojic acid under solvent-free conditions.The catalyst could be easily magnetically separated and exhibited prominent recyclable performance with no appreciable loss of activity after six consecutive runs.The cyclohexenone derivatives were synthesized via two-component reaction using acetoacetanilide and aldehyde in the presence of?-Fe2O3@Si O2@IRMOF-3 as catalyst under solvent-free conditions.The results of experiments showed the catalyst has excellent recycle performance with broad substrate scope and simple operation.Poly-acid-modified metal organic framework material POM@MOF-5 was prepared and found to be a high active and efficient catalyst for one pot synthesis of dihydropyrrole ketone derivatives via three-component reaction of aldehydes,amine,dimethyl butyrate/ethyl ester when using methanol as solvent at room temperature.The easy recovery of the catalysts and its reusability,short reaction time,high yield of products make this protocol practical,environmentally friendly.In addition,when we used iodine as a catalyst and acetonitrile as a solvent,the quinoline derivatives were obtained when the three-component reaction was carried out.
Keywords/Search Tags:Metal-Organic Frameworks, Indoxyl kojic acid derivatives, Cyclohexenone derivatives, Dihydropyrrolidone derivatives
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