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Research On Main Circuit Of Magnetron Suttering Power Supply Base On Auxiliary Transformer Soft Switching

Posted on:2018-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330533965886Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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Magnetron sputtering can improve the surface performance of the material effectively.High performance magnetron sputtering power supply is required,because of the load is changed in a large range and nonlinear characteristics.The loss of the converter is an important problem in the performance improvement of the magnetron sputtering power supply.This paper focuses on the topology of the main circuit of the magnetron sputtering power supply and the wide range of soft switching implementation.Firstly,based on the analysis of the full bridge converter with various auxiliary networks,the topology of ZVS full bridge converter with auxiliary transformer was determined,and its topology and working principle are analyzed in detail.The topology suppressed the circulating current in the primary side of the transformer using the blocking capacitor,reduced the loss of circulation,and provided sufficient energy for lagging leg switches utilizing the auxiliary transformer network,which allowed the converter to realize the soft switching in a wide load range.Secondly,the key problems of the converter were analyzed,including the realization of the ZVS soft switch of the lagging arm,the suppression of the circulating current in the primary side of the transformer,the loss of duty cycle and the parasitic oscillation of the two sides of the transformer.After that,the main parameters affecting the performance of the converter were studied,and the formulas for calculating the blocking capacitor,the magnetizing inductance and the auxiliary capacitance were derived.According to the design index of power supply for Magnetron Sputtering,the parameters of the main circuit were designed and the devices were selected.Also,the main circuit of the converter was simulated in the simulation environment of Pspice16.3,and the simulation results are consistent with the theoretical analysis.Finally,the experimental platform was built on the basis of theoretical analysis and simulation.The experimental results show that the converter have advantages such as simple control,ability to realize the soft switching in a wide load range,no loss of duty ratio,and no circulation loss.The experimental results verify the correctness of the theoretical analysis and the rationality of the converter design.
Keywords/Search Tags:Phase-shifted full bridge, Circulation current, Duty cycle loss, Auxiliary transformer, Soft switch
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