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Control System Design Of New Lighting Source LED

Posted on:2018-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330542969345Subject:Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
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Light Emittig Diode(LED)is a novel illumination source,and it obtains more and more attention from the government and enterprises.With high luminous efficiency,low energy consumption and long lifetime,LED has been recognized as one of the new ideal green light source.However,the voltage-current characteristic of LED leads to the significance of corresponding control system.Now the research of LED drive control project has become a hot spot in the field of lighting.The purpose of this thesis is to overcome the shortcomings of the current LED drive control project,improve the life of the whole system and reduce the corresponding cost on the basis of ensuring the performance of the LED control system.In this thesis,a new type of control system used to drive LED is designed by using a special control chip developed by Southeast University.At first,the characteristics of LED and other electric light sources are compared.Then the voltage-current characteristics and working principle of LED are analyzed.The research background and development status of LED control system are described.Subsequently,the independent dedicated control chip is introduced and the model of the chip is built.Based on the special control chip,an active power factor correction circuit is designed to improve the power factor.And then,by analyzing the working characteristics of LED,the limit-voltage technique without electrolytic capacitor is adopted to avoid the influence of the lifetime of electrolytic capacitor on the operation of LED.Based on the consideration of cost and reliability,a new type of constant current circuit without inductance is designed.The circuit's function is verified by simulation.Finally,on the basis of the foregoing,a new LED control demo system is designed.Through testing and analysis,the whole system is working properly.In this thesis,a special control chip is used to realize the demo design of LED control system.Compared with other similar products,the new design has the advantages of less components,low cost,small size and high efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:LED, high side drive circuit, active power factor correction, limit-voltage circuit without electrolytic capacitor, constant current circuit without inductance
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