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Research On Distributed Control Of Microgrid Based On Multi-agent Systems

Posted on:2019-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330545490212Subject:Electrical engineering field
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In order to achieve reliable operation of the microgrid,it must be controlled reasonably and effectively.At present,centralized control is more maturely studied,but it mainly relies on the central controller.With the increase of the number of micro-sources,the central controller will become more and more complex.In order to overcome the centralized control deficiencies,distributed control has gradually become a research hotspot.Distributed control can quickly access to environmental information and own status information and respond to local environmental changes immediately,which has reduced dependence on communications.Any micro-source failure will not affect the normal operation of the system and the system robustness is enhanced.Therefore,this paper focuses on the research of distributed control strategies applicable to microgrid systems.The main work include:(1)Control strategy of energy management of microgrid is introduced firstly.The advantages and disadvantages of the centralized control,decentralized control and distributed control strategies are compared,the distributed control strategy for microgrid is introduced as research focus in this paper.Distributed control strategy can be implemented based on multi-agent system framework,and then the application of multi-agent system in microgrid is studied.(2)In order to realize microgrid distributed control,cost modeling is performed for each micro-source,objective function is established including constrains such as minimized power generation cost,balanced supply and demand power.First,two different consensus algorithms with leader and no leader are proposed to solve the microsource optimization in microgrid system.Secondly,case for each algorithm are designed and analyzed.Finally,using the eigenvalue perturbation method to prove the convergence of CANL.(3)This paper proposes a hierarchical control strategy based on multi-agent system,which meets all kinds of need.The third layer control adopts a completely distributed consensus algorithm to solve the economic scheduling problem.The incremental cost of each micro-source is used as a variable.Through the mutual communication between adjacent micro-sources,secondary control regulates the voltage deviation of the bottom layer constantly by modifying the droop curve,and finally achieves a safe and stable economic operation of the system.(4)Designing a microgrid economic optimal energy management platform,using WinCC and Matlab real-time communication to build a host computer system,and finally achieving the flexible interaction and real-time display of the microgrid energy management platform by matching the OPC configuration.
Keywords/Search Tags:Microgrid, Multi-agent system, Distributed control strategy, Consensus algorithm, Hierarchical control
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