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Recording And Researching The Unearthed Date On Qin’s Minors

Posted on:2017-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330485457052Subject:History of Ancient China
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The minors is an important part of social members,and they are a special group,the attitude and polices to minors in a certain historical period which reflect the face of social conditions and ideas.By using unearthed date such as the Shuihudi Qin bamboo slips,the Liye strips of Qin and the Qin Dynasty’s bamboo slips kept in Yuelu Academy to research Qin’s minors,we could learn the living conditions of minors in the late Warring States period to Qin unite the country,but also could deeply understand the history of the Qin Dynasty and the spirit the law.This paper’s main body is composed by four chapters except the introduction and conclusion.The first chapter sorts the unearthed data about Qin’s minors,and the main data is Shuihudi Qin bamboo slips,the Liye strips of Qin and the Qin Dynasty’s bamboo slips kept in Yuelu Academy.They provide an important historical value to research the minors of Qin and Qin’s history.The second chapter discusses the concept and specific measure of Qin dynasty to protect minors.The idea of infants-saving traces back to pre-Qin Period.Influenced by pre-Qin thinkers’ ideas and the former generation of rulers policy,Qin attached great importance to the minors and instilled this concept to the officials and people.And in the legal provisions to protect minors by distributing food and clothing,punishment people who killed or abandoned children in order to safeguard the lives of minors,and reduce or exempt the tax service from minors.The third chapter analyses Qin’ criminal policy when minors crimed.Because of the age and psychological reasons,minors lack the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and control self behavior.In short minors don’t have the ability to bear criminal responsibility and the crime enforcement policy for this population different from that of the adults.That is to be based on the principles of penalty to forgive the minors and mitigate or remit the punishment.The final chapter discusses the understanding of the relevant content of Qin’s minors.Legalism is the mainstream consciousness in Qin,but can also see the words which reflect the Confucianism and Mohism.So Qin Dynasty formulated minors’ policy basing on the thought: “Give priority to with legalism,both other schools.” Comprehensive the historical data,the purpose of Qin is primarily to consolidate its rule,reserve manpower and promote benevolent rule.But it is not hard to see the Qin’s policy played an ignoring role,and had an important influence on the Han Dynasty.Minors are the future of the nation and influence the country’s prospects.The rules of the Qin for minors still have important implications for today.Through the study the minors’ protection system,we can understand its social status in the Qin Dynasty.And it can also carry forward the fine tradition of care for the young in today’s society and help to create a good environment for the healthy growth of minors.
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