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A Practice Report On Chinese Translation Of Reinventing Of Complicatted Sentences In The Patient Will See You Now

Posted on:2017-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330488477384Subject:English translation
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The translation circle has been studying the translation of complicated and long sentences for many years.In previous researches,the texts are mainly literary or scientific(except for medical)ones.In recent years,with the continuous improvements of living standard,people have an increasing need on the perspective of medical care.Thanks to the constant introduction of oversea medical achievements and knowledge,the translation of medical texts is becoming a hot topic and various translation skills and strategies in medical translation also concern researches.A great number of complicated and long sentences in medical texts forms a huge obstruction to translators.Because of different ways of thinking and language habits,some sentences are hard to understand with linear translation,and under such circumstance,we need to have an “operation” on these sentences,which means we need to reinvent these sentences in order to make them understandable.The original text in this dissertation---The Patient Will See You Now---was written by a famous American cardiologist Eric Topol and was published in Jan.2015.Complicated and long sentences can be seen everywhere in this book.After finishing the excerpts' translation,the translator summarized three common types of complicated sentences(including complicated sentences with disjunctive components,passive complicated sentences)and found corresponding skills and strategies(including re-construction approaches,disconnection approaches and division translation approaches),hoping to provide some feasible reference and approaches for the translation of analogous texts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Medical Texts, Complicated sentences, Sentences Reinventing, Practice Report
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