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Under The Current Medias Environment, Analysis And Research On The Phenomenon Of The Public Self-entertainment Of Chinese Cinema

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C ZhuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330509454378Subject:Theater, film and television
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Under the current medias environment, China's medias market has become an era,which there are mix together with the new medias and old medias.As the progress of triple-play bundling, multi-screen interacting and digitization are the tend of the times to the third industrial revolution.China's film industry as a leader of the mass media industries,has bore the impacts and challenges of the new medias.Facing the development of the film industry in the current media environment,professor Wang Yichuan write at his text The Public Self-Entertainment Era of Chinese Cinema:An Observation of Contemporary Chinese Cinema's New power,he observed a new aesthetic feature in the Chinese film industry:audiences are escape the control of professional critics to choice what they like,this phenomenon is called The Public Self-Entertainment Era.There are several levels of aesthetic formation formed around the phenomenon The Public Self-Entertainment,called Contemporary Chinese Cinema's New Power.This means that a new power is appear at many aspects such as the movie market,propaganda,funds,film produce,film viewers.My thesis is about the topic The Public Self-Entertainment Era,according to the theoretical analysis as the main line to discuss the internet combined with Chinese movies.It have effect on many aspects such as the audiences,film produce,market,issue,movie ontology and so on.There are three parts of theories abort the film cultures,audience psychological mechanism and principles of communication to explain why the phenomenon are come from.The structure of the article is roughly as follows:First of all,summarizing the development characteristic of Chinese film under the new media industry.Then,further interpretation of “The Public Self-Entertainment”and“Contemporary Chinese Cinema's New Power”.Secondly, discussing the reason of “The audience to appreciate different films” from the characteristic and psychological aspects.Moreover,the first important reason is the Elite culture fade away and the mass culture is set up.For further,the spread of new media changed the movie itself mechanism formed by the words of parity with carnival perspective of public opinion.This is the most important reason about the audience enjoyment.Finally, combining with digital virtual technology, the internet age, the new development of artificial intelligence to predict the future of the Chinese film industry new trend.
Keywords/Search Tags:the new media, The Public Self-Entertainment, carnival, virtual reality technology
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