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The Study Of The Society Differentiation And Production Division From The Middle Songze Culture To The Early Liangzhu Culture In Taihu Area

Posted on:2018-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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There are the distinctive regional characteristics path of civilization in Taihu Lake area.Academic circles reach consensus that the Taihu Lake area has already entered the early civilized society in Liangzhu culture stage,based on the complex social structure and high level of material culture.This paper basing on the study of burial goods and instrument of production unearthed from archaeology sites,aims to explore the process of social development of Liangzhu Culture,from the middle Songze Culture to the early Liangzhu culture,which was considered as the key period of civilized society formation,through the settlement case analysis.Besides,this paper will discuss several patterns of civilization evolution by comparing other sites horizontally and vertically.This article is divided into six parts.Introduction:This part reviews the research course of Songze culture study and divides the academic history into three stages,also summarizes the existing problems to raise the topics of the study cause.Furthermore,the introduction not only interprets the issues that need to be clarified in this article,but also defines the spatial-temporal framework.Chapter 1:The culture chronology and regional types.From middle period of Songze Culture to the early Liangzhu Culture,we divided it into four successive phases which depended on the potteries from the different sites but in the same stage.The successive phases are,the middle phase of Songze Cultur,the late phase of Songze Culture,the final phase of Songze Culture,the early phase of Liangzhu Culture.For the writing of following parts of this paper,we corresponded the developing phases of different sites with the four phases.According to the character of different region,we divided the Taihu Lake area to five culture regions during the middle period of Songze Culture to early Liangzhu Culture.Besides,we defined the meaning of " translational relics ".Chapter 2:The progress of society differentiation.We chose six sites as typical case study from different region in Taihu Lake area.In this case study we focus on the differentiation of class within the site and the burial objects which can show the connection to the social class.Also focus on the changes of jade functions in different time phases.Chapter 3:The Evolution of Production Division.According to the distribution and combination of production tools,this paper inspects the division of labor in the early low-level settlements during the middle Songze Culture period to the early Liangzhu Culture period,then summarizes the characteristics of production-oriented society and compares the differences between the production-oriented society and the non-production-oriented society in the division of labor and grade.In addition,this paper pays attention to the performance of gender in the field of production,and briefly discusses the role of gender in the social division of labor.Chapter 4:The role of division of labor in the process of social differentiation.This paper compares the role of production division of labor in the process of social polarization between the production-oriented society and the non-production-oriented society and believes that different production types are important criteria for the formation of class differentiation in production-oriented society which put greater emphasis on production activities.Summary:Summarizing the social differentiation and division of labor of low-grade settlements in the stage characteristics and diachronic changes from middle Songze Culture to the early Liangzhu Culture.This paper argues that the key node of the civilization evolution of Taihu Lake area is at the end of Songze culture;There are three levels of Social differentiation:Hierarchical evolution started from within each equal social unit,then expanded to different social units,and in the end there was clearer hierarchical evolution among members within social units of different grades;Social arrangements existed in all settlements from mid-Songze culture to early Liangzhu culture,and it had been continued that significance of production activity production activity and social arrangements in production-oriented society.Finally,the author puts forward his own views on the future development of the study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Taihu Lake area, the middle Songze Culture, the late Songze Culture, the early Liangzhu Culture, social differentiation, division of labor, social development model
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