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A Study About Burial Artifacts Of Mopanshan Site

Posted on:2018-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330512497215Subject:Cultural relics and museums
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From September to December in 2015,archaeological team of NJU had a 4-month archaeological excavation in Mopanshan.The archaeological cultures of the site contain Shang culture,Liangzhu culture,Songze culture and Majiabang culture The founded remains are graves,pits,houses,ditches but mainly are graves of Songze culture.This paper uses this material data.Chapter one,IntroductionThis chapter has three parts,first part introduces the geographical location and environment of the site.Then it talks about the excavation and layers’condition.Last,because this material involves Majiabang culture,Songze culture and Liangzhu culture,so it introduces the researches of these three cultures.Chapter two,Study about burial artifactsThis chapter has five parts,first it introduces the graves and their burial artifacts.According to these artifacts,next part discusses about the burial customs in order to know something about their thoughts.At that time,people may have the tradition to bury what they use often and deliberately bury broken objects.Except that,there’s a possibility that they also make funerary objects at some point.After that discussion,it compares these artifacts with other objects that are found in different sites of Songze culture.The time of these burial artifacts mostly are in the late period of Songze culture,but some belong to Majiabang culture and Liangzhu culture.And there’s a possibility that there’s a cultural communication between Mopanshan site and Nanhebang site that goes through the south of Taihu lake.Last it talk about stages of Mopanshan site.Based on other people’s researches and relationships between graves,the time of some graves can be divided into two periods with four stages.Chapter three,A comparison with Xuejiagang cultureAn archaeological culture always communicates with other neighbouring archaeological cultures.Mopansha site is in the southeast of Anhui Province and a part of Songze culture according to its artifacts,while at the same period,there’s an important archaeological culture called Xuejiagang culture on the west of Mopanshan site.So first it introduces the Xuejiagang culture.This chapter discusses the relationship between Xuejiagang culture and Songze culture.These two have a strong connection which is not only reflected in artifacts’decoration style,also in types.But Songze culture has an stronger influence on Xuejiagang culture than Xuejiagang culture’s influence on Songze culture.The influence of Songze culture is mainly in the early period and early stage of middle period of Xuejiagang culture,later time,the influence is not that obvious.Because the numbers that artifacts have Songze culture style are big in the early period and early stage of middle period of Xuejiagang culture.In later period,there are only few kinds in Xuejiagang culture.And Xuejiagang culture’s influence on Songze culture is in late period of Songze culture because only few artifacts that have Xujiagang culture style are found in that period.There is a long-term communication between two cultures and Mopanshan is in the middle.It’s likely that Mopanshan site is influenced by both.However,it’s influenced by Songze culture more than by Xuejiagang culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mopanshan site, Songze culture, graves, stage, Xujiagang culture
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