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The Study On The Production Technology And Origin Of The Unearthed Pottery In Mopanshan Site Of Langxi County, Anhui Province.

Posted on:2018-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330512998149Subject:Cultural relics and museums
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Anhui is located in the northwest of East China,and adjacent to Jiangsu,Zhejiang,Jiangxi,Hubei,Henan,Shandong and other provinces,in the Neolithic Age is the Central Plains culture,Jianghan culture,Haidai culture and Taihu Lake culture interaction and exchange of the core areas.Mopanshan site is located in Langxi County,Xuancheng City,Anhui Province,belonging to the southeastern Anhui region,the age of Majiabang,Songze,Liangzhu and Shang and Zhou dynasties,is the southeastern Anhui region found the earliest one of the Neolithic sites.In recent years,the excavation of the Mopanshan site has unearthed a large number of pottery artifacts,which provide physical information for the study of pottery in this region,the analysis of the exchange between different cultural types of sites and the demonstration of the classification of archaeological cultural flora types.In order to compare the production process and raw material origin of the pottery in the different period,this paper chooses the late Majiabang,Songze late-Liangzhu early,Liangzhu late pottery,western Zhou-Primitive porcelain as the object of study.The effects of water absorption rate,apparent porosity,bulk density,firing temperature and lithofacies structure on the fabrication process of pottery were studied.X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy(XRF)The main elements were measured,and the factor analysis method was used to classify the experimental data,and the relevant information about the origin of the pottery was obtained.In order to further explore the situation of cultural exchange between Mopanshan and its surrounding areas,the pottery samples of some of the surrounding areas were selected as samples.Through the use of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and factor analysis and other methods,the initial judgment Mopanshan site in the late Majiabang,Songze late cultural exchange.The main conclusions are as follows:(1)Mopanshan site at different times of pottery production process there are some differences.In the same period,the water absorption rate of different pottery pottery was different,and the water absorption rate of the late pottery was the highest,and the water absorption rate of the late pottery was the highest,Tao water absorption rate of the highest,clay pottery times,once again sand sand pottery,muddy black pottery pottery water absorption rate of the lowest.(2)Mopanshan site Majiabang late,Songze late-Liangzhu early,Liangzhu late pottery firing temperature range is basically the same,are 550 ??600 ?,and clay pottery and sand pottery burning There is no significant difference in temperature.The sand samples contained in the sand samples of the different period are artificial mixed sand and the sand content is 20%?30%.It shows that from the late Majiabang to the late Liangzhu,Fixed raw material ratio.(3)Mopanshan ruins of the pottery both local firing,but also foreign.In the late Majiabang culture and Songze late-Liangzhu early,Mopanshan site pottery is mainly from the local firing;to Liangzhu late and Shang and Zhou period,the composition of pottery has changed,presumably due to raw material formula or Firing site changes caused by the specific reasons still need further study.Mopanshan site from Majiabang culture to the Shang and Zhou dynasties,there have been from other regions of the pottery input,and the surrounding areas there is a certain degree of product circulation and cultural exchanges.In the late Majiabang culture,Mopanshan site and the devil ruins,Qintangshan ruins exist pottery circulation phenomenon,in the Songze culture late,Mopanshan site and the weir site,turtle shell site also exists pottery circulation phenomenon.In addition,the Mopanshan site also with this article does not involve other sites have cultural exchange situation.
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