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Study On Yangjiabu Wood New Year Paintings From The Perspective Of Carnival Theory

Posted on:2018-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330512999334Subject:Fine Arts
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Wood engraving new-year painting is one of the art forms of folk art China in most of the national characteristics,which has become driving out evil,praying,landscaping festivals and customs activities from its early natural worship and belief in God Di gradually.And the simple people thought emotion and desire for a better life was expressed.Yangjiabu wood engraving new-year painting as one of the China three folk wood engraving new-year paintings,with unique geographical advantage and cultural history form style features different from other regions of new-year paintings has a unique local color and simple ancient ethnic style.The spirit of carnival was summed up through specific analysis of the color,the composition,and the artistic form modeling of Yangjiabu wood engraving new-year painting.According to the contents of different new-year paintings,the implication of the carnival spirit in all kinds of new-year paintings was analyzed,which is in a pleasant way beyond the doctrine of authority and the serious official world.It is also pointed out that,the carnival spirit of Yangjiabu wood engraving new-year painting is neutralized compared with the western carnival culture.The reason of new-year paintings carnival spirit neutralization is analyzed from the deeper level in three aspects of folk culture,Confucianism and religious belief.From the change of folk culture middle section,the ideology of Confucian culture and religious beliefs that all is one concept,it is found that the occurrence and development of new-year paintings of the carnival spirit is limited of the cultural background,the festival culture is the living space of the Carnival,and the neutralization thought and religious belief is the spirit of Carnival space.Finally,it is discussed that how to put the traditional art symbol and modern design concepts with each other in the new cultural environment.And the design idea is summed up that conforms to the national culture and modern aesthetic.
Keywords/Search Tags:wood engraving new-year painting, Yangjiabu, carnival spirit, art form, modern design
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