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A Report On Translation Of Language And Culture:Contexts In Translating(Chapter 4-5)

Posted on:2018-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Language and Culture: Contexts in Translating is written by famous translator Doctor Eugene A.Nida.He analyzed the close relationship between language and culture at different aspects and stated his own opinions about the method of dealing with different kinds of problems in the context.The author completed the translation(Chapter 4-5)which is based on the functional equivalence theory.This report analyzes and discusses the translation skills and methods used during the translation process by cases.This report has five parts.Firstly,the author describes the source,objective and significance of this translation.In the second part,the author introduces the backgrounds of the selected texts.In the third part,the author sketches three steps including pre-translation,while-translation and post-translation during the whole translation process.In the fourth part,a lot of words and sentences are used to analyze the translation cases in the translation of Language and Culture: Contexts in Translating in the framework of Nida's functional equivalence theory.Finally,the author comes to a conclusion that contains the experience that the author has gained during the translation process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Language and Culture:Contexts in Translating, functional equivalence, translation cases
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