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Glaze Color Application In Ceramic Reliefs On Exploration

Posted on:2018-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330518456068Subject:Art and design
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The paper focuses on the application of glazed color on ceramic relief,and discusses how the theme of modern pattern is embodied in the ceramic relief by the decoration and drawing technique of glaze color,and the enhancement of the performance of the glaze color Texture effect and artistic effect.The paper expounds the long history and deep cultural connotation of glaze color and ceramic relief development.Is our precious treasure of culture and art,worthy of our learning and inheritance.Glaze color colorful,variety.Decorative techniques are mainly enamel,pastels,new color,multicolored,enamelancient and so on.Decorative style and theme has always maintained a strong traditional Chinese artistic characteristics.Ceramic embossed and round carving compared to the production process is relatively simple,firing a high success rate,good effect,easy handling and other advantages of packaging,ceramic relief decorative techniques are carved,draw flowers,tick flowers printing decals,etc,superb skills Laid the Chinese ceramic works elegant and simple,fresh and natural,empty ethereal,full of flavor of the artistic style,the development of China's ceramics had a very big impact.Nowadays,the development of contemporary art is rapid,the level of aesthetic appreciation is improved,the pursuit of individuality,the pursuit of novelty,the pursuit of creativity,and the ceramic art creators put forward higher requirements,from ancient times along with the unique national art style Ceramic on the use of common,colorful decorative patterns used in the form of painting are often grafted to the traditional ceramic relief,and some experienced historical humanistic,artistic selection of modem themes are less use of glaze color In the ceramic relief works.Between the Chinese glaze color art and ceramic relief art two different materials perfect combination,the theme is no longer the pursuit of traditional themes for the creation of elements,select the modern theme "Star" for the creation of the theme,in the process of inheriting traditional decorative techniques at the same time Summarizes the modern ceramic embossed production process,for the glaze color in the ceramic relief on the application of the theoretical basis and practical significance.Will be glaze color,ceramic relief,the theme of the three perfect combination of technology,from the physical creation to the theoretical upgrade to show to the reader.
Keywords/Search Tags:glaze color, ceramic relief, decorative techniques
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