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A Study On The Characters Of The Literati Landscape Paintings In The Ming Dynasty

Posted on:2018-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Landscaping character is the indispensable focal point of landscape paintings and can express aesthetic taste and spiritual connotation of painters.Figures just make up a small proportion in landscape paintings,but they play a nonnegligible role,and with the help of images with distinct characteristics,painters can express their hermit feelings.Through the study of landscaping characters in paintings,we can know the state of painters when painting and their choices of escapist and worldly,and landscaping characters of hermit images are expressions of painters' hermit feelings.Although hermit-themed landscape paintings came to its peak in Yuan Dynasty,there have enough researches.Therefore,by analyzing paintings of Ming Dynasty,the essay would take landscape paintings of Ming Dynasty as an entry point to summarize and classify landscaping characters,and discussed the development status and aesthetic values of landscaping characters in Ming Dynasty.Beginning from the Ming Dynasty,landscaping characters of hermit images are symbols in paintings since their appearance just tells us that the paintings are hermit themed.Starting from the typical characters of hermit images in landscape paintings,the essay will discuss the implicit feelings and value orientation of painters.The essay includes six parts.The first two parts introduced the definition of landscaping characters and the development situation in various dynasties.Part three to part five are the main body with part three discussing the evolution of landscaping characters of hermit images in Ming Dynasty,part four dividing landscaping characters into immortals and Taoists,celebrities and plain folks according to theme and part five summarizing typical hermit symbols of landscaping characters.And part six analyzed the development of landscaping characters of hermit images and inspirations to the current creation of landscape paintings.
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