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Loess Plateau Oil Painting To Explore

Posted on:2018-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Loess plateau as the birthplace of Chinese civilization,while more and more attention with its unique glamour attracted many artists,including Su Gaoli,supplier,guo-qiang cui,Wang Hongjian,Bai Yuping,Duan Zhengqu,such as a painter in the loess plateau as a motif for creation.Through their own unique artistic expression,they present different loess plateau problems and create many excellent works.This paper,taking the loess plateau theme paintings research analysis as a starting point,on the loess plateau regional characteristics of the aesthetic connotation,the artistic features of the famous painter of the loess plateau theme paintings,their practice exploration and the loess themes in loess loess oil painting creation inspiration and thinking of three parts.The first chapter from the cultural and geographical environment to discuss the connotation of the loess plateau region,it is also a large number of artists as a motif to one of the major reasons,the second chapter analyses the artistic features of the loess plateau,mainly from the explore the landscape characters and themes in two categories.The third chapter is the focus of this chapter,mainly for artists,on the basis of learning to explore,absorption,integration,innovation,practice,from the composition,color,technique,emotional expression,four aspects to illustrate that the author own loess material practice.This chapter finally on the basis of the previous two chapters,thinking to summarize loess creative inspiration and loess themes in oil painting art value and significance of subject matter works of the loess plateau to explore and practice,excavated on the loess plateau oil painting works of artistic value,for the loess theme is the creation of the contemporary oil painting,nationality brings new inspiration and train of thought,the realization of the loess novels of realistic meaning and academic value,for the oil painting nationalization of the road to provide more inspirations...
Keywords/Search Tags:The theme of loess, plateau, regional localization, realismoil, painting creation
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