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Consecutive Interpreting In Classroom Teaching Of Fashion Design Courses At IFA Paris,Shanghai

Posted on:2019-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L N ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330545997277Subject:English interpretation
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This report is based on the interpreter's experience in International Fashion Academy Paris(IFA Paris,Shanghai)which is interpreting in classroom teaching in garment industry.During the work,there are four parties involved in,including foreign teachers,Chinese teachers,Chinese students and foreign students.Therefore,they need interpreters to deliver teachers' explanation to students accurately,in the meanwhile,interpret the conversations between teachers and students in order to solve problems for them,and help students to lay a solid foundation in class knowledge.This interpretation is related to instructions given by teachers about pattern making,draping,design,and knowledges included in various fashion books.The interpreter is confronted with many challenges including terminologies,accents of foreign teachers,and unclear questioning from students.After analyzing recordings on site,the author noticed a series of problems in her interpreting,like missing interpretation,misinterpretation,correction,grammar errors and hesitation.According to the Effort Model,the interpreter allocates her energy efficiently and take notes as supplement,moreover,under the guidance of interpretive theory,strategies,such as de-verbalization and meaning equivalence,can be used to address problems in interpretation.Through the case studies of the author's interpretation,practical advice is provided to interpretation in fashion design and garment industry.This report makes an introduction to the interpretation task and the requirements for interpreter,and describes the preparation work done by the interpreter,such as,studying parallel texts,preparing terminologies,observing senior interpreters,and predicting possible difficulties.After that,a specific analysis of the working process and problems met in interpretation is made,based on Effort Model.At the same time,this report also makes the case study of interpretation under the guidance of interpretive theory,followed by on-site coping tactics like interpreting key information,strong psychological and professional quality,and dealing with different the end of this report,the interpreter gives the evaluation,including self-evaluation,clients' evaluation and peer interpreter's evaluation and the conclusion,exploring theimportance of interpretation in garment industry along with the qualities of interpreters in this area.
Keywords/Search Tags:interpreting in garment industry, consecutive interpreting, Interpretive Theory, Effort Model
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