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The Research On The Communization Mode Of Rural Public Service Of Anhui Province

Posted on:2016-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330482982809Subject:Rural and regional development
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The differences caused by the all alone urban-rural dual system, not only hindered the development of rural productivity, but also made the farmers fail to enjoy the same rights as urban residents, limited the improvement of living standards of rural residents, and caused a serious impediment to the socialization process of rural communities.As a major agricultural province,Anhui has been attached great importance to rural issues, in order to promote the development of social undertakings in rural areas, improve the living standards of rural residents, and plan the development of urban and rural construction as a whole,the government has taken some positive measures to increase the supply of public services in rural areas, and they did achieve some success.But due to the unperfect mechanism and the weakness of public services in broad-based rural areas and some other reasons, the community development in rural areas need to be improved and completed, the implementation of community-based model of public services is an important way to solve the rural public service supply difficulties.After the presentation of the problem of communization mode of rural public service, firstly,this article analyze the background of building the beautiful countryside,and clarify the significance of this study,then point out the specific content of this paper, use the literature research.comparative research and SWOT analysis to carry out the research. Secondly, we elaborate the concept of rural communities,rural public services and rural community-based public services,for the study of this paper, and provide the community development theory,the new public service theory and the the social automony theory as the theoretical support.Thirdly, this article compare the advantages and disadvantages of different modes by theoretical analysis and studying comparatively of different countries and regions; On this basis we apply the SWOT study of the current situation in rural areas of Anhui, point out the mainly issues of the community public services in Anhui province can include the following;the economic foundation in rural areas is still a weak part;the unprofessional quality of the service staff;the relevant policies and regulations are not perfect. Finally, we propose some targeted measures to improve the communization mode of rural public service from the aspects of mechanism system,resident participation?evaluation and supervision system and the social security on the background of the construction of beautiful countryside.In a word, the communization mode of rural public service has an important effect on solving the Anhui rural issues, improve the living standards of rural residents and promoting the construction of urban and rural areas. Although we still have some problems and shortcomings that need the joint efforts of our government,community organizations,social groups,community managers and rural residents at present.we should learn from the successful communization mode of rural public service experience, seize the opportunity for rural development, make full use of the existing advantages and adhere to the right principle pratically, break the practical difficulties of the rural public services, continue to promote community-based public services in rural areas to move forward,thus we can build a communization mode of rural public service and promote the comprehensive development of rural Anhui province.
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