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The Protection Of Personal Information In Cross Border E-Commerce Between China And ASEAN Research On Legal System

Posted on:2017-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, China ASEAN cooperation gradually by the physical evolution of trade to the extension of network trade field, which opened a cross-border e-commerce transaction channel, however,Chinese and ASEAN in the blank field of cross-border e-commerce personal information legislation, information security and administrative supervision authority is not clear and the subject of information right to judicial relief not complete, these are a serious obstacle to the bilateral cross-border e-commerce pace, in the light of all sorts of risks at this stage of personal information in the face of cross-border e-commerce, we need not only in the legal protection of personal information Chinese ASEAN cross-border e-commerce in the status, for personal information protection law made as soon as possible in the field of e-commerce, but also further clear the flow of information channels, to establish international information transnational circulation mechanism for a long time to achieve the purpose of protection of information security, In addition, stop the outflow of information and can not be used as effective measures to protect the national information security of a country, the rules of information transnational circulation which can be established from the personal information legislation in relevant countries and regions can be seen in, although there are some differences between different countries or regions of the form of personal information, but this difference was not due to the understanding of the legal system have a substantial impact, therefore, the appropriate reference and provide beneficial reference for the legislation of personal information outside the information multinational circulation for the legal system of personalinformation protection China ASEAN cross-border e-commerce, to personal information in the Chinese ASEAN cross-border E-commerce trade in legal protection is more safe and reliable.
Keywords/Search Tags:personal information protection, cross-border e-commerce, transnational flow of information
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