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The Theory Of Our Country’s Civil Lawsuit Time Limit System Of Evidence

Posted on:2017-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the gradually establishment of the rule of law in our country, our country civil procedure are also perfect, to better safeguard our country’s judicial justice,safeguard the vital interests of the parties. Time limit system of evidence as one of the more important system in civil lawsuit, also from the beginning to establish the controversy to mature slowly, of course, there have been some problems in the judicial practice. In the new changes of the civil procedure law and the latest judicial explanation, to our country made larger changes of the time limit system of evidence,tighter evidence before the loss of power to not lose power for the principle, loss power as the exception of litigation mode. In this paper, under the new civil procedure law of our country’s time limit system of evidence applicable question for study. The article is divided into five parts, the first time limit system of evidence on the nature of the definition, history and theoretical basis, theoretical basis for later in-depth analysis; Secondly the author of the major countries of two important legal systems is studied, the time limit system of evidence for our country’s time limit system of evidence summarized significance; again, the article time limit system of evidence in our country, legislation and judicial practice of specific rules are studied,for analysis of flow; multiple times, the author put forward the our country and the improvement of the current related time limit system of evidence supporting system;finally, the author aimed at the forefront of the time limit system of evidence problems and put forward some thinking and viewpoint on the trend of development.Hope that this article related to China’s time limit system of evidence of a little reference for the development and improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil litigation, Proof limitation, Delay of proof, Evidence loss power
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