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On The Judges' Professional Ethics Cultivation

Posted on:2017-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330491463419Subject:Science of Law
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The core content of Judges' Professional Ethics are the judges'professional ethics cultivation, whose specific content is the moral perfection process through continuous self-education, self-transformation, self-cultivation in the professional activities of judges and the achievement they achieved. Judges bear important duty of applying laws and regulations to society, as well as safeguarding the its order, and to enhance judges' professional morality is inherent requirements of a comprehensive advancing of "rule of law" strategy advocated in the eighteen Third Plenary Session. Law and morality have deep historical roots. From the Legal Ethics Perspective, this paper discusses the key nodes to professional ethics cultivation is to enhance and develop the practice of virtue. Combining traditional Chinese self-cultivation practice of Confucian philosophy, this paper outlined the right way to develop the judges' professional morality. After hundreds of questionnaires statistical analysis, visits to different regional courts and nearly two months internship, the researcher found that overall situation of Jiangsu Province Professional Ethics is good, still some problems exist:judges 'lack in cognition, words and deeds anomic, and the role of disorders and so on. Meanwhile, with the aggravation of workload,the popularity of "we media", psychological sub-health were, to some extent, restricted the development of judges' Professional Ethics, and conditions of different levels, moral practice faults and others. The judges' professional ethics cultivation is concerned with various disciplines and current affairs. To solve the judges' Professional Ethics issues should develop, from many angles, many areas of divergent and open thinking. This paper, based on the level of judges themselves, combined with the investigation of judges'professional morality situation and problem analysis, creatively proposes that enhancing judges'professional ethics cultivation should enrich their cultural personality, pay attention to aesthetic practice and enhance self-management.
Keywords/Search Tags:judge role, judges' professional morality, Practice, restraining in privacy, self-management
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