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Study On The Public Service Supply For The Rural Left-Behind Elderly From The Perspective Of Multi-Governing Model

Posted on:2017-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the deepening of aging and the rapid growth of urbanization, the pension problem is becoming more and more serious in China, especially pension problem of the elderly in rural areas. On the one hand, the transfer of rural labor to urban areas has weakened the function of pension of rural families. On the other hand, China's longterm urban-rural dual structure has led to insufficient supply of public service in rural areas. The old people in rural areas are faced with the loss of supply and the loss of public service for the elderly. The problem of rural left-behind elderly has become one of the important obstacles to the comprehensive development of rural areas. With the attention to the problem of people's “livelihood”, the government also pays attention to the supply of rural public pension service gradually. However, the supply of public pension service in rural areas is still in a border position, and the contradictions are still obvious between supply and demand of rural pension services.Based on summarizing the related literature at home and abroad, this paper has taken the supply of public services for rural left-behind elderly as the object of study. This author also has field investigated the current pension situation of 311 elderly pension in 16 villages from the elders' material life, life care and spiritual consolation. This author has discovered that the support from family for left-behind elderly and self-support capacity is obviously insufficient. The left-behind elderly are in need of the supply of public service urgently. In addition, the writer has investigated the current situation of the demand and supply of pension service. The writer also discovered that the contradiction between supply and demand of public aging service is prominent. No matter the supply of social security or community service, the supply of pension service of communities or recreational activities, the quantity is small while the supply quality also needs to be further improved. Based on the study of the reasons why the supply of public pension service is in need in rural areas, the writer has discovered that the role of government, the insufficient of policies, a single main supply and others factors are the main reasons which has led to the insufficient supply of public pension service. Therefore, under the conduction of theory of governance and polycentric governance theory, the sufficient way to improve the level of public pension service is to establish a pattern which is dominated by the government and the public pension service which takes society, market and family into consideration. This pattern will promote the diversification of the main body of supplies, channels, contents and so on, and will improve the supply of the public pension service for the left-behind in rural areas.In the process of social development, the solution of the problem of providing for the aged in rural areas of social plays a pivotal role in the economic and cultural development. Based on the increasing demand and the multiple demand, it seems to be inevitable to provide multiple supply in rural areas. It not only requires the diversity content of the supply of public pension service, but also requires the diversity supply of theme and pattern. Multiple cohabitation pension pattern of public service supply is the necessary condition of elderly pension, and it still is the way to improve the aged providing public services.
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