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The Supplementary Responsibility Of Security Obligators

Posted on:2017-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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What kinds of responsbility the obligators should have is a difficult problem in theoretical and practical realm,especially when third persons are in violation of the personal and property of others in the aera of somebodies contrul who have the obligations of security.Although the second part of Article 37 of the Tort liability law have been marked that the manager and organiser who had to shoulder the supplementary responsibility if he had not undertake the obligation of security, but considering the diversity of comprehension in law and different scholars have different viewpoints,which lead to the different results of court decision. Most scholars discuss around three questions: whether security obligators is only limit in manager organiser and educational services or not? The supplementary responsibility have extreme limit or not? Whether the security obligators have right of recovery or not from the infringer who have malicious intentions after he undertake the responsibility of compensate for injured person? What kinds of liability the obligators have? This article will put forward some points in three aspects and analyzed the legal suitable straits of the right of recovery in my way, in order to try my best to solve questions in suit of obligations of security.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supplementary responsibility, security obligations, principle of fault attributable, causal relationship
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