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Reseatch On The Finding Of Fact And The Use Of Evidence In Bribery And Corruption Cases

Posted on:2016-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Different from ordinary criminal cases, crime of corruption and bribery is concealment. The criminal ordinary owns high level of academic qualifications, and has strong anti-detection capabilities. Procedural law is not perfect, and the lack of a complete application rules of evidence, what made the department of justice had many troubles while handling the cases of corruption and bribery. That also made the poor handing with cracking down on crime of corruption and bribery and the decline of the quality of the cases.This paper discusses the fact that is hard to be prove and the problems that happened in the process of using the evidence from a practical perspective. The first chapter discusses the fact needed to be proved and the characteristics of the evidence in bribery and corruption cases. Then it discusses the application of the principles of evidence in those cases. The second chapter discusses the present situation that the use of evidence in the process of dealing with the cases of corruption and bribery, and then analyzed the fact which is hard to be proved in practice and the problems while using the evidence. The third chapter discusses the design on how to make it better while using evidence in the cases of corruption and bribery.
Keywords/Search Tags:bribery and corruption cases, the finding of fact, the use of evidence
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