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The Present Situation And Prevention And Control Countermeasures For Crimes Of Forest Reserves Of Forest Public Security In Heyuan City

Posted on:2017-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The partyís 18 put forward, vigorously carry out the construction of ecological civilization, China is to achieve a beautiful relationship between welfare of the people, for the benefit of future generations, generations work in the great cause. Strengthening ecological construction, maintenance of ecological safety is the common theme of this century, mankind faces is to create an important cornerstone of a sustainable economy and society. After several generations of hard work Wulin, Chinaís ecological construction of forestry, forest area has initially achieved sustained growth, a steady increase in forest reserves, forest resources quality improved significantly and other achievements. But too few of the total amount of forest resources, a serious loss, uneven distribution, ranging from the quality of the overall function of forest ecosystems play no contradiction between the overall efficiency and social needs of forest resources are still outstanding between the face of new development opportunities forestry undertakings meet new challenges, protection of forest resources increasingly arduous task, responsibility increasingly important. Meanwhile, with the continuous development of the situation, the destruction of forest resources, the increasing complexity of criminal activities, woodlands, wetlands, sand encroachment and destruction of a very serious problem, Pirates forest deforestation, reclamation occupation of forest land, hunting of wild animals slaughtered, excavation when the destruction of wild plants such acts have occurred, ecology and forest resources threatened forest pests, forest fires can not be ignored. Organized group of criminal activities, intelligent remote control trend more obvious, more subtle forms of crime against further increase the difficulty. Currently, law enforcement agencies in terms of forest public security, ecological security and maintaining ecological balance, protect and promote the smooth development of ecological civilization mission more important, the protection of biodiversity and the ecological environment, to defend the forest and wildlife resources of the task more difficult.Based Heyuan City Forest Police involved in forest case history and current situation, research and study law involving forest cases that occurred enforcement of Heyuan City Forest Police involved in some of the issues Iím case law exists, the use of research, literature review, in-depth research, comparative the method of analysis, case analysis, the Heyuan City 2005-- 2015 forest- related cases dealt with health system of investigation and analysis, to look for to improve forest related cases dealt with the level of a breakthrough, especially from the start to solve the deep-seated contradictions and seek fundamentally on ways to reduce the forest-related cases occurred proposed for Heyuan City, forest Police targeted law enforcement measures and preventive measures involving forest cases. The study will further promote the Heyuan City Forest Police enforcement cases involving forest has a certain reference value, to provide some theoretical basis for the realization of sustainable development of forestry in Heyuan City.
Keywords/Search Tags:Heyuan City, Forest Police, forest-related cases, status quo, prevention strategy
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