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Analysis On The Service System Of Civil Announcement

Posted on:2017-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Service is a kind of litigation activity that the court submits the litigation documents to the parties or other litigation participants in accordance with the statutory way, and the service of the notice serves as a supplemental service mode when the other means of service can not be done. In terms of procedural rationality and specific legal effect Play an important role. But the service of notice as a presumption of service is a compromise made by the law for the reasonableness of the procedure. It is a kind of fictitious service, and there is a certain irrationality in the current announcement service. This paper analyzes the civil announcement service from four parts. The first part is the summary of the basic theory of public announcement service. It mainly carries on the more specific definition to the announcement service, and analyzes its existence significance, the application condition, the delivery method and the content. The second part is the announcement of our country At the same time, this paper analyzes the new situation of population mobility and aging aggravated in the new era, and finally analyzes the effect of the public announcement service The third part of the study of foreign public service delivery was analyzed, expect to learn from the relevant experience, and different regions of the notice service system for a comparative analysis, through which to achieve the purpose of improving our notice service; The fourth part, in view of the irrationality of the public service in our country and the new situation in the new period, put forward corresponding suggestions, including the plaintiffs liability, the judge’s responsibility, the renewal service mode and the prudent treatment time Four aspects.
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