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Research On Government Supervision On Real Estate Development In Hainan International Tourism Island

Posted on:2017-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512454764Subject:Public Administration
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Hainan Province was founded in 1987.Hainan has experienced the brutal development in the early years of special economic zone, Hainan real estate suffered bubble burst in 1993. In 2008 the international tourism island has led to a new round of investment boom because of the dividend policy. In 2011 Hainan was confronted with the most severe real estate regulation country eight. From 2012 to the present, Hainan real estate market experienced from falling to a slow recovery process. After nearly 30 years of history, Hainan tourism has establish the status of the domestic leader, tourism and real estate elements make combination, tourism real estate has evolved from a speculation by early years to the current tourism support phase, during which every subtle government move affects the whole island.The policy decision logic of the central regulatory as well as the local government determines how the Hainan real estate market develops. With the development of government policy gradually return to rational and perfect, the relationship between the government policy and the real estate market has experienced from separation to opposition and to the integration development. Tourism real estate, as an important part of the international tourism island, fuels the social sustained, rapid and healthy development of national economy in haina, which has become the sustainable impetus for the construction of international tourism island.As an international tourism island with climate and other natural attributes, Hainan combined with the marketization of the tourism real estate development. It offered diverse choices for the national investment of vacationing industry as the second home crowd. So this paper researches deeply the tourism real estate market situation in Hainan, analyze the impact of the government macroeconomic regulation and the control of Hainan real estate. And studies on how to establish a long-term mechanism to guide and promote the sustained and healthy development of real estate of Hainan province.Based on the supply of land, real estate investment, construction and sale, etc., this paper researched about the present situation of the tourism real estate industry development of Hainan province, analyzed the general characteristics of the real estate industry development phases of Hainan province, the role of real estate industry inHainan province economic structure, sustainability of the development of the real estate of Hainan province, the achievements of real estate policy, etc. And in view of the current real estate industry development of Hainan province, it proposed opinions to the most prominent problem and policy requirements. It puts forward reasonable suggestions, provides reference for government decision in the development of Hainan province.
Keywords/Search Tags:International Tourism in Hainan Island, Real Estate, Government Management, Macro Policy
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