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China's Maritime Labor Relationship Tripartite Coordination Mechanism In The Research Of The Crew's Rights And Interests

Posted on:2017-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Maritime Labour Convention 2006,which is called "Bill of Rights for seafarers",hereafter called "Convention",will go into effect on November 12th,2016.The core of the Convention is protecting rights of seafarers.There are more than 600,000 seafarers in China.It is urgent for relevant authorities to fulfill the Convention effectively.Currently,on the one side,consciousness of seafarer labour rights protection for employers and seafarer recruitment and placement services is still rather weak,while abilities of safeguarding rights for seafarers are also weak;On the other side,relevant laws and regulations should be improved,while means and strength of law enforcement should be enhanced.In order to respond the process of the Convention in domestic application and secure the rights and interests of seafarers,China National Tripartite Coordination Mechanism on maritime labour relations was initiated on December 23rd,2009 in Beijing.Then,on November 11th,2010,Guangdong Tripartite Coordination Mechanism came into operation,precluding the promotion of provincial level mechanisms of tripartite coordination on maritime labour relations.The mechanism of tripartite coordination on maritime labour relations is a crucial part of framework of national tripartite mechanism on labour relations coordination,and an important coordination mechanism in Maritime Labour Convention,2006.As required by the Convention,including deviation,exemption or flexible implementation of the articles,regulations and codes when implementing the Convention,the competent authority of the Member States should consult with the shipowners' and seafarers' organizations,assisting to effectively implement the convention,ensuring that the working and living conditions onboard comply with requirements of the Convention and the rights of decent employment of seafarers.The paper selected rights protection of Chinese seafarers under tripartite coordination mechanism on maritime labour relations as research object.By literature research methods,comparative research methods,etc.,this paper had investigated tripartite coordination mechanism on maritime labour relations and current situation of labour relations in China.Based on the experience on protection of seafarers' rights under the mechanism of tripartite coordination mechanism in foreign countries,with the experience of practical work,this paper put forward certain suggestions in aspects of improvement mechanism,establishment mechanism and relevant legal system perfection,contributing to rights protection of seafarers in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Maritime labour relations, Tripartite Coordination Mechanism onmaritime labour relations, Protection of rights of seafarers
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