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Women In The New Rural Construction Of Ability Of Science And Technology Research

Posted on:2016-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512468431Subject:Agricultural Science and Technology Organization and services
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China since ancient times is given priority to with agriculture, belongs to the typical agricultural country. At present, the party and the country to develop agriculture, to help farmers set backward situation, formulate a series of preferential policies in the past, especially in recent years, the policy of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" is become the focus, the concern of the work for the government. On the problem of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", the core issue is peasant question. Women occupy more than half the proportion in the total population in China, and nearly 80% of these women for rural women. So, want to solve the problem of good farmers, the key is to pay attention to women's issues and attention. With the government carry out the prosperous policy, deepen reform and opening up, began to speed up the pace of transfer of rural labor force, the current rural women become the main force of agricultural production, instead of male labor for the management of land, food and livestock and other agricultural burden, even if family members have not go out in the men, women metropolitan involved in agricultural production and operation activities, and contributed much. Article selected rural women in group as the research object, to how they play a role of the new rural construction to analyze. Detail in the construction of current rural women in the status quo and existing problems and future development, the paper for the new rural construction link women significant influence to make sure. Rural women not only the present production and living conditions about their own development, women's groups and will directly affect the stability of rural development. In the context of the current, China is in transition period of economic development, economic development speed very quickly, growing urbanization construction, more and more from the influx of rural migrant workers in cities, and this leads to rural women, the team also faces a huge production and living pressures and challenges, so there are a series of problems in the development process.For rural women, this group in the generally low cultural degree, thus strengthening the cultural education is key, can significantly improve their ability of science and technology; Can be appropriate for this group to carry out skills training activities, help them establish a professional vocational training platform and base, development and cooperation organization, in an effort to create a good environment; Strengthen the ability of science and technology among women and create favorable conditions for the rights for them, let them can use more power for the modernization of the new rural construction, to play a more important role. Research of the current process of socialism new countryside construction under the big background, understand the grassroots women's federation on the function characteristics, to the advantage of this group industry development to give guidance, let the rural women's human transmission and dantian, better service for women of the masses' income to become rich, it is concluded that more fully give play to the role of women good new rural construction process feasible Suggestions and methods.
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