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Study On The Early Warning Of Urban Public Transportation Emergency In China

Posted on:2018-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512483974Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with the urbanization in our country since the reform and opening up have made substantial progress,national center for urban planning and construction has been more and more attention,with the development of central city,improving the public facilities,central city obtained the rapid development of public transport in our country,brought great convenience to the people’s life.Equivalent to urban public transportation system is an important part of the organisms and the operation of the center city public traffic is smooth not only directly affect the city of every other system function,can also affect the radiating and driving play of the surrounding city of center city.And frequent city public traffic emergencies have huge negative influence on society,on the one hand threat to people’s life and property safety,on the other hand it will block center city economic development and social harmony.Strengthening our country public emergency management is the important responsibility of the government and related departments to strengthen the social management,but also the government key measures to ensure the safety of urban public transport.In view of the city public traffic emergencies the government issued a series of policies and measures in our country,but most of these measures and policy attaches great importance to the incident occurred after emergency treatment,ignore emergency early warning against,often cause some unnecessary loss.Therefore,research center city public traffic emergency early warning is imperative in our country.Through the timely start early warning mechanism,early warning measures,can avoid public traffic emergencies before the emergency occurs,prevent casualties and property losses;In the incident has occurred,control the scope of the incident happened,reduce the loss to avoid events to expand.In this paper,from the perspective of administrative management,according to the theory of crisis management,using the methods of literature analysis,case method,center of our country city public transportation emergency early warning problem for research.Through the study of the classification of urban public traffic emergencies,combining the experts and scholars of our country urban public traffic emergency early warning research,through the central cities in our country present situation and problems of the public traffic incident early warning,mainly from the early warning organization,information monitoring,emergency plan and technology to analyze causes and countermeasures.Make level in the city public traffic emergencies practice in our country,strengthen the early warning ability of the city public traffic emergencies,can be more careful and professional manner beforehand control and emergency handling,better maintenance of road traffic safety,ensure the development of central city,people’s life and property safety and social security,stability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban public transportation, Emergencies, Early warning
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