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The Integration Policy Of Russia On Post-Soviet Space (Chinese Factor)

Posted on:2018-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Aleksandra IushchenkoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330512490626Subject:International Relations
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This thesis is devoted to problems and prospects of conjunction of two projects promoted by Russia(Eurasian Economic Union—EAEU)and China(Silk Road Economic Belt—SREB)at the Eurasian space.In this context,a comparative analysis of Eurasian strategies of Russia and China is conducted.The aim of the present thesis is to identify possible ways and mechanisms of conjunction of the two projects,as well as an assessment of the benefits and losses of the parties from such forms of integration.After the Joint Statement on Cooperation made in 2015,the EAEU and the SREB are considered to be complementary projects with the former providing an institutional basis for cooperation and the latter providing the necessary investment resources for joint projects.If successful,the coordination of the EEU and the SREB will make it possible to overcome potential contradictions in Central Asia—the source of the most serious tensions between Russia and China.The integration of the EEU and the SREB may support the more ambitious project of cooperation in the Greater Eurasia area and reshape the region into a new centre of economic development at the global level.Although simultaneous existence and implementation of several Eurasian projects refers to theory of complex interdependence,present contradictions and short period of projects’ existence can’t allow to assert with confidence that Russian project will prove its vitality and survive in the process of conjunction with Chinese project.As a result,it is concluded that the prospects for the fulfillment of plans for the conjunction of the two Eurasian projects can be assessed as ambiguous,varying from prolonged coexistence through half-cooperation/half-rivalry to gradual overlapping of Russian project by Chinese one.
Keywords/Search Tags:Eurasian Economic Union, "One Belt, One Road", Silk Road Economic Belt, Russia, China, integration, conjunction, Eurasia, international cooperation, Eurasian project
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