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The Merging Mechanism Of Arrest And Prosecution

Posted on:2017-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Judicial justice is the goal of every country to the rule of law construction to pursue.In the key period of comprehensively deepen judicial reform,our country procuratorial organs to explore new methods of case actively,to improve the quality of case handling,mechanism of the unity of catching v.arises at the historic moment.The syncretic mechanism,is procuratorial organs internal institutions,integrates the arrest and prosecution rights exercised by the same department,in order to reach the procuratorial work guiding investigation,preventting social criticism enticement,cheating,threats such as the phenomenon of the illegal evidence,of course,this new system still exists various defects which cannot be ignored,we need to continue to explore it.Under this big background,the author through the literature research,value analysis,comparative analysis and empirical analysis and other research methods,on the mechanism of trap v.unity and perfect puts forward reasonable Suggestions.The full text is divided into three parts,now more than 16000 words.Part one focuses on the trace of the historic evolution of Catching v.relationship.This paper through the back since the early procuratorial organs in our country to catch v.relationship model and change,from v.unity for the mainstream,to catch the establishment of v.separation model,then to v.unity model of new exploration,to explore the cause of v.relationship on and off.Part two focuses on the balance of the mechanism of trap v.unity merits and defects.By comparing the current catch v.separation mode after decades of operating in bad place,put forward a catch mechanism,the advantages of the combination.Next,from catching v.syncretic mechanism itself,the analysis of catching v.academic field and practice field and mechanism of questioning and criticism.Part three focuses on the suggestions on the v.syncretic mechanism to run well.Firstly puts forward the idea of catching v operation mode of the combination mechanism,and then through comparative studies of v.syncretic mechanism question and worry,to make the perfection of this system run better Suggestions.This paper argues that trap v.syncretic mechanism is a bold attempt to lawsuit of our country relations,should draw lessons from the successful experience of the pilot across the country,take the essence and discard the dregs,to vigorously promote the implementation of this system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Arrest and Prosecution Combination, Historical evolution, Value analysis, Query and disavowal, Adjustment
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