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The Enlightenment Of The U.s Hegemony's Establishment Stage To The Rejuvenation Of Chinese Nation

Posted on:2017-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512951417Subject:International politics
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After 30 years of reform and opening-up,China's economic power develops fast,comprehensive national strength and international status improve significantly.Chinese is growing prosperous,and has stepped into the final process of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.In this special historical period,it is an unprecedented research subject to seize the opportunity to realize the rejuvenation of Chinese Nation.However,it is also the most crucial step,try best we will have a shine future,or it will be nothing.Therefore,we should take other countries' experience for reference.United States became a great economic power in the late 19th century;while,at the end of the Second World War,it had become the hegemonic state.It cost more than half a century to finish the last step to establish global hegemony.Comparing similarities and differences between China and the United States,we can discover that the experience for United States to be a world power can be our reference,especially for their domestic and international practices.The article aims at analyzing the United States'growth path to be hegemony country,and compared it with China,so that we can learn from its spirit essence and combined it with Chinese conditions and development status to explore the way to the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.The Article mainly adopts literature research,historical research and comparative analysis method.By discussing and analyzing international power,hegemony and other related theory to comprehensively review the hegemony path of the United States and the development status of China.In order to provide reference for the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.The introduction including three parts,the first part is to explore the research purpose and meaning,to clarify the immature in the theoretical research and public opinion.the second part is some related concepts and the basic attitude of learning international experience,the last one is the research overview both at home and abroad.This paper is mainly divided into three chapters:The first chapter is a comprehensive overview of the United States from the end of the 19th century to the end of world war ?,referring to the political,economic,and cultural,diplomat practice etc,in order to explore the path to be the hegemony countries step by step.The second chapter contrasts the similarities and differences of development path between China and the United States,what really matters is to analysis the enlightenment of American hegemony path for the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.According to the road of American hegemony,the third chapter talks about how China can achieve the great rejuvenation through its own development and the interaction with international system.
Keywords/Search Tags:National rejuvenation, International hegemony, experience
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