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The Research On The Construction Of Service Oriented Government In The Perspective Of Government Affairs WeChat Micro-blog Problem

Posted on:2017-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330512959155Subject:Public Administration
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At present,the construction of the service oriented government is not only the demand of service-oriented optimization and transformation,but also the requirement of more diversified,diversified,convenient and extensive work upgrade.Thus,based on the government,WeChat,micro-blog,building a service-oriented government,is an important part of the current government is actively promoting the management of the work.Therefore,this paper puts forward the research on how to strengthen the construction of service-oriented government in our country based on the micro-information threshold of government micro-blog We Chat.Firstly,it elaborates the functions of government microblogging WeChat and its function to service-oriented government construction.Bo WeChat with guide information exchange and policy,recycling government work processes,promote government work Internet,optimize the function of the network of government policy,the construction of service-oriented government can play to provide government information publishing platform,rich government services connotation,Government participation,and expand the role of social supervision and reporting channels.This paper systematically studies the present situation of the construction of service-oriented government in China from the micro-information threshold of government micro-blog,and thinks that the construction of service-oriented government has achieved great success,broken the information barrier and realized the seamless communication between government and citizen;Strengthen the government service function;absorb public opinion,enhance the credibility of the government’s phased objectives.However,there are also problems in the openness of government information,the change of government functions,and the lack of smooth feedback channels.The analysis of the attribution shows that the service-oriented government construction is weak,the ability to use WeChat micro-government limited service system and management system is not perfect and service-oriented government construction itself is difficult.In the end,this paper puts forward some suggestions on how to strengthen the construction of service-oriented government in our country.We should strengthen the construction of government micro-blog micro-credit capacity,use government micro-blog WeChat to expand government service channel,establish and improvemicro-blog We Chat service system,and guide citizens to use micro-blog We Chat to expand government participation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Affairs We Chat Micro-blog, Service Oriented government, suggestion and countermeasure
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