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Reach On The Applications Of E-Government Based On The Service-Oriented Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2017-09-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the advancing of E-Government in the deep,to the portal,office automation system,the administrative examination and approval,electronic monitoring,online review services on behalf of the E-Government application,is constantly improving government service system in Colleges and universities,has become to promote the innovation of the forms of government management,to enhance the ability of the important support.E-Government as one of the core content of the development of colleges and universities,in the administrative management and service to the teachers and students play an important role.The Third Plenary Session of the 18 th CPC Central Committee on several major issues of deepening reform decisions set forth in the "integrated on deepening education reform" the General requirements,clear institutional reform to improve the internal governance of the school.Referred to the report of the 18 th National Congress deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval system,continuing decentralization.In this context,improve the administration efficiency in universities,build functioning scientific structure,satisfactory service-oriented College teachers and students is the development direction of Chinese universities.University E-Government,as one of the effective ways to build a service-oriented administration mode in colleges and universities,how best to improve their application,to promote the building of service-oriented college also is of great significance.Today,the E-Government construction in colleges and universities as the core of their development,while at the low participation of teachers and students,resource integration difficult,public services is relatively weak and other prevalent issues in E-Government construction in colleges and universities,to University decision makers and builders of a rigorous test.In particular,in the process of establishment of the service-oriented College,how to improve E-Government,how can we better integrate as a service for E-Government platform to play a larger role worthy of our discussion.In order to make the reach On the Applications of E-Government based on the service-oriented Colleges and Universities,paper first elaborates the effects of E-Government while building a service-oriented college.And then take the applications of E-government in East China University of Technology as the study case.Next based on the service-oriented Colleges and Universities,using literature reviewed method and theory practice method,to analyzes the applications andproblems of East China University of Technology,from theory to actual,from problem to reasons.At last,paper proposed the development trend of the E-Government in colleges and universities also put forward a sound and construction related applications suggestions.This article is divided into six parts,in addition to the conclusions,the main contents of each chapter are as follows:Part I: Introduction.Background and significance are described,and an overview of the research papers,methodologies and frameworks.Part II: The theoretical analysis of service-oriented College and the E-Government.By service-oriented College to describe the content,more service-oriented College in the traditional control-the difference between colleges and universities,significance and ways of building service-oriented College;Also elaborate on the emergence and development of E-Government,and finally analyzed the construction of E-Government on a service-oriented college have helped establish student-centered service philosophy,promote the transformation of administrative function,improve efficiency,enhance the role of transparency.Part III: The status of E-Government development in East China University of Technology.Through a combination the status of E-Government in East China University of Technology to analyzed the causes of the problems.Part IV: Take Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to be the typical of E-government Construction in Chinese Colleges and Universities.Part V: The development of E-Government construction in colleges and universities under the new situation of the new trend.Combined with the development of information technology and form,analyzes the future development trend of E-Government.Part VI: On the basis of the above analysis,ideas,management,team building,service and safety aspects such as improvement suggestions of an University E-Government applications.
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