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Construction Of Regionalized Central Community In Rural Area Research Under The Back Ground Of Urban-rural Integration In Huxian County

Posted on:2017-10-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The acceleration of urbanization in our country has not only brought the opportunity for the development of the countryside, but also given the challenge to the agricultural products. In recent years, with the increase in the number of migrant farmers, rural population tends to enter the city in one-way, resulting in rural hollowing, bring the original rural society with the crisis of management and development and making the system barrier of the dichotomy in urban and rural areas more and more obvious. Xi’an municipal government puts forward the construction of community construction in rural areas to compensate for the shortcomings of public services in rural areas. With Huxian County as a pilot county, it hopes to seize the opportunity and promote the social management breakthrough development of Huxian County rural through policy advantage.Based on the construction practice of community construction in Huxian County, combined with governance theory, social capital theory and other relevant theories, this thesis analyzes the role during the integration of urban and rural construction to achieve the equalization of public services in urban and rural areas and the existing problems, and then it gives corresponding suggestions.This paper is divided into four parts:firstly, analysis about the meaning of the construction of regionalized central community in rural areas,which is under the background of urban-rural integration. Meanwhile, this paper also summarize at the present stage, the domestic and foreign research about the equalization of public services and the rural community construction. On one hand, this paper provide a objective view about the upper items, and on the other hand, this paper analyze that with the influence of the governance theory and the social capital theory, the impact the reginoalized central community had on the rural community management; secondly, taking Huxian County as an example, as a agricultural county which has a large population, this paper illustrates the status quo of the construction of urban-rural integration and the influence the construction of regionalized central community in rural areas had on the equalization of public services, after the new rural construction have done; thirdly, based on the problems existed in the regionalized central community in rural areas in Huxian County, Xi’an, combining with the governance theory and the social capital theor, this paper concludes five primary issues as follows:management system is imperfect, function is not clear,part of the division is not reasonable, service does not reach the designated position and the public recognition is insufficient.On the basis of the five aspects, according to the relevant experience during the three years’ construction on thereginoalized central community in rural areas, combined with some referring theories, find out the roots of these problems; fourthly,in view of the cause of the problems, combining the rural practices at the stage, this paper tries to put forward the measures making use of the policy advantages, innovating the management system and improving the construction of function system, hoping to solve the issues above.This paper will also apply theories about governance and the social capital into practice.
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