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Research On Risk Management Of Nanning Credit Information System Construction Project

Posted on:2017-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With big data,cloud computing,networking and other new technologies to produce and "Internet +" put forward a new concept,the information industry will become a new economic growth point.Information technology project is a high-risk industrial project,how to carry out risk prevention and control information system project,which will become the focus of research in the information line practitioners and experts.I am responsible for Nanning credit information system project is a priority of Nanning government integrity of the building,it is an important carrier of Nanning credit system construction.In this thesis,brainstorming,interviews and other methods,Nanning credit information system project risk studies,mainly from the policy risks,costs six risk,technology risk,schedule risk,personnel risk and network security risks of the project risk analysis and response.Follow them from the credit system construction and interpretation of policy-oriented credit policy to deal with policy risks;improving the quality of the preparation of project estimates,funding and implementation of a fixed price contract to deal with the cost of risk;from the choice of development platform,network technology infrastructure and improving developer skills to respond to technological risk;from the development of the project schedule and determine the project schedule milestones to address the target schedule risk;from established excellent project team members to improve the cohesion of staff to deal with the risk;from three grade protection design,network security system to deal with network construction security risk.By Nanning credit information system project accurately and scientifically the risk identification,analysis and control,improve the management of the entire project,effectively reducing the risk of loss of the project and improve efficiency to some extent,to save money and speed up the project construction progress,Nanning City,the credit information system project has been on-line test run,function and performance of the project to achieve the desired effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Credit system, Risk management, Risk analysis, Risk control
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