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An Analytical Study Of Community Cultural Construction In Rural Areas For Southern Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2018-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330512995765Subject:Agricultural Extension
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At present,China has entered the stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way,it is the key moment of building a new socialist countryside.The overall cultural level in rural areas has been greatly improved,but there are still many rural community culture construction lagging behind the phenomenon,and the construction of community culture growing rural area cultural and spiritual need cannot be behind the situation.Because of its unique geographical location,as well as a long history and culture,the construction of rural community culture in Shaanxi is under the national average.Moreover,the research on community culture construction in our country has a certain foundation,which can provide reference for our research,but few studies are on the construction of community culture in Shaanxi.Therefore,it is necessary for us to study the rural community culture construction in southern Shaanxi Province,rural community culture construction is an important part of the new socialist countryside,and it is also a manifestation of people's spiritual status.On the other hand,the success of the construction of rural community culture is related to the people's living standards,and to the stability and development of the whole society.In this paper,through theoretical research and literature analysis,general analysis and case analysis,it analyzed the present situation of rural community culture in southern Shaanxi,on the basis ofscientific clarification about community culture.And found the problems in rural cultural is that the government did not attach enough importance to it,the mechanisms are not well developed,the funding and talent support is insufficient.In the same time,the infrastructure construction is far from enough,and cultural activities are gravely insufficient,which greatly impeded community culture development.With the success of Shaanxi in southern Shaanxi case Longtou village community,field trips,and analyzed according to the survey data,draw the following enlightenment: government-led and people participating.Strengthen the platform construction,increase the introduction and training of the talents.According to the actual situation to follow the system security,according to local conditions,develop of local culture,to create a unique local cultural brand,and thus promote local tourism employment and other issues.And also gives a brief overview of the construction of rural community culture policy in Shaanxi,expected future development in the southern area of Shaanxi Province,put forward to promote rural community culture construction in southern areas should adhere to the subjectivity,diversity,variability,multi power,such as the development of reception characteristics,but also for the construction of rural community culture pay attention to.The reform of infrastructure construction,talent development and the late development of the reference standard give some suggestions.Finally,draw the corresponding conclusion,there is necessary connection betweenthe building of a new socialist countryside and the attention that government paid to community culture.The construction of community culture needs to develop the traditional culture and absorb foreign culture elite.Longtou village has unique cultural resources,scientific and reasonable construction development.The whole development experienceis a model that worthy other areas study.In in-depth excavation of the traditional excellent culture it grasped the regional advantage resources by leading local economy,focused on the development of characteristic resources,blended in the community culture to build advantage resources,formed a long-term mechanism of community culture construction...
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