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Reflections On The Procedure Of Verdicting And Punishing

Posted on:2018-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It is an important judicial reform in our country.The aim is to promote the diversion of cases and optimize the allocation of judicial resources and improve the efficiency of litigation.This system is the embodiment of the policy of "temper justice with mercy".The system is not standardized at the beginning of the system and needs to be more systematized.This procedure is most common in the review of prosecution and trial stages.Therefore,it is necessary to divert it in the course of trial and trial according to the severity of the offense and the difficulty of the trial.This requires coordinating the relationship between the speed-cutting procedure and the summary procedure and constructing the consultation procedure to make the application of the procedure more diversified.In addition,in the design of the program should also give full consideration to facilitate the parties,and actively listen to the views of victims,the establishment of compulsory defense system,the type of case into the scope of legal aid,the establishment of such cases appeal review procedures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Leniency on admission of guilty and acceptance of punishment, sentencing negotiation, Trial procedure, pretrial diversion
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