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A Study On The Countermeasures Of The Leading Cadres Not Official

Posted on:2018-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A Y LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330515470047Subject:Administrative Management
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Is not official as a kind of public power and responsibility serious gap in the political phenomenon,in China’s long-standing political ecology,brings serious harm to the image of the party and government and the relationship between cadres and party and state institutions.Based on the theory of administrative ethics,administrative authority,administrative incentives and administrative responsibilities,this paper analyzes the behavior of leading cadres.Analysts believe that the main performance of leading cadres not official "are:(1)negative,as do not have the right,status quo,dawdle;(2)to avoid responsibility,to dare to play,afraid to assume responsibility,in charge,do not want an officer to director,unwilling to bear responsibility;(3)and not,as does not account for greed,but ordinary,waste time;(4)low is not,to encounter new problems on complex problems encountered worry,walk around,or shirk responsibility in the face of difficult and perilous task.There are two main reasons: subjective and objective subjective,one is do not want to,just want to be do not want to work;two is not,there is fear,afraid of more things to do,the greater the probability of error is poor;three,there is the ability to panic,not good at study the new situation and new problems.Objectively,one is the power of fuzzy boundaries,easily lead to avoid,pushing and dragging and buck passing phenomenon;two is the cadre management exist short board,there are some deviations with guidance,evaluation mechanism is not perfect;the three is the intensity of accountability,that is not an official there is luck.Based on this,this is not an official governance ideas and suggestions for the problems:(1)to accelerate the establishment of right,right to the core of the system of responsibility of power list system,to further clarify the responsibilities of leading cadres of the scope and boundaries,and strengthen supervision and accountability,to urge the official to".(2)to explore the implementation of due diligence exemption system,the reformers,who uphold the attitude of tolerance,allowing them within a certain limit of trial and error,so that the official dare to".(3)improve and perfect the incentive mechanism of cadres,especially to improve the spirit and material incentive mechanism,and promote the".(4)the ability to enhance the ability to build a scientific mechanism to create a good atmosphere for business executives to achieve the official promising".
Keywords/Search Tags:Leading cadres, Not official, Administrative ethics, Responsibility boundary
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