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The Study Of Ideological And Political Education Under The Perspective Of Human Transcendence

Posted on:2018-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J K LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330515471986Subject:Ideological and political education
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Since the reform and opening up,social productivity boosted.People’s living standards improved while the development of moral quality fails to satisfy our needs.A lot of factors have contributed to this situation,one of which belongs to the ideological political education.In the research field,many scholars and educators failed to recognize and handle the relation of adaptability and transcendence.They unilaterally emphases the adaptability while neglect the transcendence.Therefore improving people’s moral quality requires a right handling of the two and attaching importance to the transcendence.Based on human being’s reality,the transcendence represents the breakthrough of present moral quality standards and could be achieved by people’s continuous efforts.Transcendence aims at promoting the moral standards of people in reality who employ their unique moral quality situations.The traditional political education unilaterally stress the point of view of social needs,which fails to adapt the education receivers developmental characteristics.To improve these situations,the theoretical research of political education should take the point of view of people’s transcendence and carry out the people-oriented idea in political education to realize people’s transcendent development.Besides the introduction and conclusion,the present thesis is consisted of three parts.The first part mainly analysis the normal theories about people’s transcendence.Firstly,the definition of transcendence is elaborated.Secondly,the biological foundation of transcendence is explained.Thirdly,the form of transcendence is discussed from five aspects.And lastly,the relation of transcendence and reality of human being is analyzed.The second part details the relation of transcendence and political education in four aspects.Firstly,the realization of transcendence of human being requires its counterpart in the field of political education.Secondly,the transcendence of human being is the final ends of political education.Thirdly,political education is the way to realize transcendence.And fourthly,the corelation of transcendence and reality is discussed.The third part explores the political education strategy under the perspective of transcendence.This part combines the political education practice with transcendence and explores the strategy to realize people’s transcendence.First step is to guide the students to gain the conscious and ability of self-transcendence.The responsibility of educator is to guide positively while the receivers’ goal is to conduct self-transcendence.The second step is guiding students transcending real life in the reality,giving attention to the life needs of students and training then to be critical and reflection to provide the tools for students.Third step achieves the switch from restriction-oriented to develop-oriented.Creating the political education methods and broaden realization means also is the third step.The fourth step is to maintain the proper tension between the transcendence and adaptability.Based on the positive adaptability to reality,we adhere to the principle of “properly transcend”.
Keywords/Search Tags:Human transcendence, Ideological and political education, Reality, Strategy
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