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To Explore The Pre-trial Investigation Of Community Correction System In China

Posted on:2018-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China’s implementation of community correction system is a major reform in the field of punishment.As the starting procedure of community correction,the pre-trial investigation provides an important reference for the judicial organ to judge whether the defendant has sentenced the non custodial penalty,It not only helps to promote the accuracy of sentencing,reduce the risk of community correction,but also help to realize the individualization of punishment and improve the efficiency of penalty execution.In recent years,the community correction pre-trial investigation program has been widely used in our country,and has accumulated some experience.But because of the lack of the guarantee of law,pre-trial investigation system in practice has not been enough attention,also exist in the concrete operation is not standard,not unified,not system,such problems as unscientific,affect the fairness of survey,scientific and authoritative,also restrict the development of pre-trial investigation system.Therefore,it is urgent for us to improve the system of pretrial investigation,make it more effective to serve the community correction work,promote the reform of criminal justice and protect the human rights.Based on the field investigation,the pre-trial investigation is divided into three parts,The first part introduces the research situation and research status of the working area before the investigation procedures carried out;the second part introduces the author found in the investigation of the pre-trial investigation system in the legislation,process,content and other aspects of the work force,and analyzed the reason;The third part is to perfect the pretrial investigation system,laws and regulations,this article mainly from the pretrial investigation process is simplified,work team construction,community publicity and other aspects put forward suggestions to China’s community correction successfully carried out pre-trial investigation work benefit,at the same time,also hope to attract scholars and practitioners to think deeply.
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