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A Research On The Reform And Innovation Of Service Oriented Township Government

Posted on:2018-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330518964725Subject:Administrative Management
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Institutional reform is an important breakthrough in China’s economic system reform and political system reform.According to the objection--"depth advancement of government,separate government investment,political affairs and social undertaking,build a well recognized and service-oriented government with scientific functions,optimized structure,cleaning and highly efficiency",the frontline of the township government should set out the reform with their own situation.Only through this,the township governments are able to change the old and inappropriate concepts,establish a service-oriented government in line with the trend of the times,meet the needs of China’s new rural construction.Therefore,comprehensively promoting the reform of township government institutions is an important task of grassroots government construction.On the basis of the administrative system reform,rural development and as well as accessible suggestions from reform and innovation of "Four in One"in Xinxu Town,Lingshan County,Guangxi Province,this paper concentrates on reform of township institutions which are targeted on building a service-oriented government to explore the feasibility of reforming township institutions from the perspective of the majority of governance.Furthermore,under the context of development and administrative system reform and the new requirements of the reform of the service-oriented government towards the township government,this paper mainly deal with the problems in the reform of township institutions with the operational reform models,and appropriate degree of arrangements in the reform of township to promote the reform of township institutions.This paper elucidates the relationship between the reform of township institutions and the construction of service-oriented government,analyzes the theory and realistic basis of reforming township organizations with holistic governance theory,and also puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions to deepen the reform of the township government under the requirements of the service government.This paper is divided into five parts.The first part refers to the introduction with elaborating the background and significance of the topic.It describes the current situation as well as the development of domestic and foreign research towards this topic and puts forward the research methodology.The second part introduces the related concepts and theoretical tools.Based on the holistic governance theory,this part summarizes the history of our country’s township government and also sets forth three kinds of changes among township governments(the political-centered all-round township government,the economy as the center of the management of township government,public service as the center of the service-oriented government).Therefore,this part also puts great attention on the main achievements and difficulties during the period of reform of the township government.The third part concentrates on the empirical study on the reform of townships in Lingshan County of Guangxi.This study mainly focuses on the situation towards basic practice of innovation and practice of "four in one" in Xinxu town of Lingshan county in Guangxi,evaluates the effectiveness of Institutional Reform of "Four in One",and discusses the factors which produce an unfavorable influence on "four in one" mechanism reform in Xinxu town.The fourth part summarizes the occurring problems during the process of the reform of service-oriented government in China’s township,and analyzes the causes of the problems to the construction of the service-oriented government.It has found out that the causes of those problems lying in the hard change of administrative function,the fall behind management concept,literate deficiency in personnel,lag related legislation and unsuitable financial system,etc.The fifth part,in accordance with analyzed case(3rd part),it puts forward a couple of suggestions on deepening the reform of township government under the requirements of service-oriented government.This chapter delves into the suitable strategies of reform of township government from improving the relationship between county and township on assessment mechanism,conversing township government functions,optimizing the cadre team structure,improving the relevant laws and regulations of institutional reform,reforming township finance system and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented government, township reform, four in one, holistic governance
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